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Steal of The Week!

Hey guys, I thought I would start this new thing where I post weekly a bargain buy that I’ve found, something thats on offer or thats just ridiculously cheap. So my first bargain I’ve found is Wilkos Dry Shampoo for 95p yep you heard me right, 95p.


I was skeptical when getting it because I thought it would be rubbish compared to the well known Batiste dry shampoo but dya know what, its really freakin good. I picked up the fragranced one in the pink and white can and the scent is quite similar to the original batiste. You get 200ml which is pretty decent sized. There was another one to choose from, it was one specifically for brunette hair which I didn’t pick up despite my hair colour because I had a cheeky smell of it and it wasn’t too nice tbh where as this one smells fine.  There is also one for all shades and one for volume and they’re all 95p. You can also pick up a can of the one I’ve got thats double the size for £1.50 which I will probably get when this runs out because I love the product.


I think that Batiste is stupidly over priced, it really is, its a great product don’t get me wrong but I just cannot justify paying all that money for some dry shampoo. Yeah its good if your having a lazy day and cba washing your hair, orr you wanna add some volume or even just freshen up your hair, but this Wilkos one does exactly what that brand does, decent scent to it as well.

Anyways, short but sweet post but I just wanted to share my find, hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see ya next time!! Justinee xx

Loose VS Pressed Powder (& George Silk Finish Powder Review)

Hey everyone, today I’m gonna be talking about which translucent powder is best, Loose or Pressed? These are my opinions, everyone has their own preference but hopefully this will help those trying to decide which one they want, which one will be best for them! 🙂 I use both so I will be going over the pro’s and cons of each type.


Loose Powder

Firstly, Loose Translucent Powder. The one I’ve been using lately is the Collection Sheer Loose Powder I got from Superdrug, I think I mentioned it a few posts back. I hadn’t tried loose before and I picked it up in a 3 for 2 product deal they have on.


The first big negative on this is that its messy, very messy.  Even if you’re really careful it still seems to get everywhere which is really annoying if you’ve just got dressed, have dark jeans on, then do your makeup and poof, a cloud of powder all on your clothes #firstworldproblems haha.

The second thing I dislike about loose powder is that its harder to control, you have to be careful not to tap too much out, then you put your brush in, tap the excess off and then you STILL end up with too much in one area so you have to blend it out, its bloody too much effort haha. Okay so its not that bad but its annoying if your in a rush and wanna just quickly powder your face. Maybe its just me who finds it annoying? Lemme know.

Okay so positives. I have to admit it does last longer than pressed powder. I really noticed that, after using the exact same foundation, concealer and what not, when using the loose powder it looked a lot better at the end of the day than the pressed.

Pressed Powder

Now on to the pressed translucent powder. I’ve been using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for a while now, Ive always used 001 Transparent. Now the first positive about the pressed powder is that its easy to use, you don’t waste product by accidentally getting it everywhere like you do with the loose and its a lot easier to manage. You just swish you brush round, put it on, go back for more and its just generally easier to control how much goes on the face.


Another thing is that its more compact so you can easily take it out wherever your going with a brush and top up on the go. So even if it doesn’t last as long as the loose, its easier to reapply when out because your not gonna get it all over your clothes, all over the place when applying and it will take 2 seconds to do it.

Overall I think that pressed powder is a bit better, it depends on the person really, if you have got the patience to spend a little more time being careful and are just generally better at handling the loose powder then go for it coz it will last longer. But if you want something compact, quicker to apply and not messy the Pressed Powder it is!

George Silk Finish Pressed Powder Review

As I’m on the topic of translucent powders, I thought I’d throw in a little review as well. I was shopping in ASDA when this product caught my eye. I’ve never purchased makeup from George before but I saw this and it was only £2 I thought it was such a frickin bargain, I had to get it to try.


Firstly, the packaging looks alright, its not amazing like but its fine, nice and simple. When I opened it I had a smell and omg the scent smells so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it, its not a nice smell but its not horrible, its got a producty smell to it if that makes any sense, no, I thought not. Anyways.. by this point I didn’t have high expectations of it, but, when I put it on, oh god I think its awesome, it makes your face feel so soft, its just got a really nice feel to it. It makes your skin look great too, it doesn’t make your face look cakey at all, it does what a powder should do, set and mattify, is that a word? I don’t know. What I’m tryin to say is that when applying powder, I don’t want it to add a whole other layer of product to my face, I want it to look as natural as possible and this does the job. I’ve been using it over my REN BB cream lately and I’m really liking it 🙂 So yeah, bargain, if you want a new powder to try out, the George silk finished pressed powder is awesome.

I hope you liked this post and that you found it helpful. Im gonna try and post more regularly from now on 🙂 See you soon, Justine 🙂 x

Poundland Makeup Review

So there isn’t a Poundland where I live but I came back from being away last week and whilst there I saw their range and decided to get some to try out.  I actually forgot to pack some mascara so i went to the highstreet near the hotel to pick some up and went to Poundland for something else. I heard they launched a makeup brand but I thought nothing of it because if I’m honest, I didn’t think it would be any good and maybe like kids makeup? But when I went in and had a browse through I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the packaging is really nice, it doesn’t look like cheap makeup, its actually what attracted me to it and made me want to try it. Secondly, they had such a massive range of products, from mascaras to bronzer, lip pencils to eyeshadow, there was just so much to choose from so I picked up a variety of things to try. Lets face it, why not?! If its not very good, I haven’t spent that much and if its good, then even better!


So, lets get down to the review! Firstly, the mascara! Its what I needed and the first thing I picked up so here goes. I picked up the two mascaras they had called “Plump Up The Volume” and “Never Ending Story”. First of all, tthe packaging looks really nice, quite elegant for a product that costs a quid. The plump up the volume one is a volumising black mascara, in a black tube and the never ending story is a lengthening black mascara in a pinky, coral colour tube. The first one I tried was plump up the volume. The mascara wand for this one just looked like an average mascara wand, it went on alright, no clumps but it didn’t make it as volumising as I would of hoped. Its okay but not amazing. Then I tried the never ending story one. The wand was a little bit longer than the other and slightly pointed it at end. I tried this one and I’ve gotta say I was pretty impressed, it made my lashes look a bit longer but it also went on really well, I added a few coats as I usually do and I really liked the look it gave. If you want like a natural makeup look with a bit of oomph then this is for you. I tried them together as well and I’ve got to say, it looked really good, it made my eyes pop and stand out and I will definitely be using them together going forward for 2 quid for both its an absolute bargain and it exceeded my expectations.


Next I wanted to try out their bronzer. The bronzers called “Good To Glow”. Like the mascara packaging, its really good, very simple but elegant looking. Its a matte bronzer which I like, as in my everydayday makeup I don’t like anything shimmery. I picked up the shade matte light 1 as its seemed the right one for my skin tone and perfect for some slight contouring on my cheekbones and the other usual places. On the packaging it also says it has vitamin e and uva and uvb filters. Now I’ve been using this in my everyday routine since I picked it up! I absolutely love it, I love that its matte and that I picked a shade slightly darker than my skin tone so it doesn’t look too much, they have quite a few different shades as well which I forgot to mention. Its quite a decent sized one as well so it will probs last me a decent amount of time. I just love the way it looks I can’t really say much else but its my favourite thing that I got.


Next I wanted to try one of their glosses, they had lots of shades to choose from, I chose a red as in the tube it looks really bright and vibrant so I wanted to see if it would be as pigmented on the lips as it is in the tube. The glosses are called “Shine On” and I picked up the shade cherry pop 7. First things first, its quite sticky which I’m not too fond of, like I know its a gloss but its a bit TOO sticky for my liking but I’ve got to say, its extremely pigmented. I was very impressed with how intense the colour looked as I was expecting it to go on pretty sheer. If you wanted to try out and experiment with lip colours but you didn’t wanna spend a lot just in case it wasn’t for you then I would definately recommend trying these, they had lots of bright colours to choose from, and if this one turned out pigmented then its looking good for tthe rest. 🙂


Next I also tried out one of their concealers. Its called “Hide And Chic” I picked up the shade natural beige 2. I’m not too keen on it to be honest. First off, its one of those concealers that are like lipsticks that are in a tube and you twist up, I’m not fond of any concealers like that but thats my personal preference and I’m not basing my oppinion of it off that. However its got a very oily texture to it, as soon as I put it on my face I wanted to take it off, if i left it on for the day it feels as if I would break out. It didn’t feel nice on my under eyes either, because its such a sensitive place, putting it on, it felt kinda harsh in the eye area. I really didn’t like it, the only positive is that it was a good shade for my skin tone, they had lots of other shades to choose from as well but nope, the product just wasn’t for me.


Next up we have the blusher. Their blushers are called “Feeling Blush”. I picked up two shades to try, coral rose 4 which is a gorgeous colour, its not that pinky if you’re not into pink blushes, I just thought it would go perfectly with my skin tone. The other colour I picked was candyfloss 2 which is a really pretty pink but not too light! As I think a pale pink on my skin would look ridiculous lol. I absolutely LOVE the coral colour, such angorgeous colour to add a natural flush to the cheeks, went on well, nice consistency, I’m really impressed. The pink looked lovely as well, I like both the shades. The packaging, like the rest was lovely, they were both in little compact containers with a clear top similar to the bronzer but smaller. You get a decent amount and its an absolute steal for the price. I will definitely be using both, probably more of the coral but I love them both.


I wanted to try out their liquid eyeliner. Which hasn’t got a cute name like the rest its just called “Pro Liquid Eyeliner”. Its just a basic black eyeliner. I tried it on the top lash line, as close as I could get and did a mini wing look. I’ve got to say, applying liquid eyeliner is certainly NOT my forte but I was kind of surprised how easy it was to put on. The tip is like a tiny brush which is simple to manoeuvre which I thought was pretty cool. Its got good staying power, as I found out when trying to remove it haha. It dries matte as well which I like as I’m not keen on shiny looking eyeliner. Its a decent little liquid eyeliner and I will definately be using it going forward :).


Last but not least is their eyeshadow. I only picked 2 neutral shades because not long ago I picked up a huge palette of eyeshadow but anyways yeah I still wanted to try them out so I picked out 2 colours I liked which were cappuccino 9 which is a really nice matte, neutral colour eyeshadow which I think would look great on a natural makeup look in the crease. The other colour I picked up was pink champagne 4, I picked it because it looked similar the the other but a lighter shade so I thought they would be great together, however I’ve just noticed that the pink champagne one isn’t matte, its a shimmery one which I wanted it to be matte so it looked natural but never mind, its still a beautiful colour, it would actually be good for a little highlight in the brow bone and corner of the eyes. They are both pretty pigmented which I like and they have a nice texture. There were SO many eyeshadow shades to choose from which I think is awesome, oh yeah the eye shadows are called “Colour Story” I like them and I like the colours so I may get some more!


I did 2 makeup looks with some of these products, I did a natural makeup look and a more dressed up look, which I have put below. I’m so impressed with most of the products I got. They also have loads of nail varnishes, lip pencils, brow pencils and kohl eyeliners.  If you haven’t got much money and want to experiment with makeup or just pick up something you need then I would definitely check it out, I hope you liked this review and it was informative! See you next time 🙂 Justine xoxo


REN Satin Perfection BB Cream Review!

Hey guys! So today I thought I would do another product from the REN Skincare Products I got! I thought I would do the satin perfection BB cream as I’ve been using it alot recently so I could give you a good review on it 🙂


So here we go… on the box it says its a silicone free BB cream that leaves the skin looking flawless, even toned and luminous with a perfect non-oily satin finish. It claims to provide flawless coverage, has SPF 15 and has anti-oxidant protection. It also says it has photo-rejuvenation technology which offers toning, firming and anti-ageing, that seems a bit fancy pants doesn’t it! Lol, good though.

In my previous REN post I mentioned that on every product, they tell you all the bio extracts that are in each product which I think is pretty cool. So the good stuff in the BB cream is:

Flurophores Noni Extract

Ochroleuca Seaweed

Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil

Vitamin C/ Magnesium


Think I’ll be googlin’ some of them lol

On the box it also says it is suitable for all skin types. I have really sensitive skin so its definitely fine to use if you have the same type of skin. Tbh though, most of the REN products I’ve used so far have been great, they are not harsh on the skin, quite soothing on the skin actually. It also says it is dermatologist tested and approved.

I also wanted to point out that REN is against animal testing. So if you are looking for a cruelty free skin care brand have a look. I know a lot of people only use cruelty free cosmetics so if you wanted a bb cream maybe look into getting this 🙂


Now.. to my review :). I first used this about 2 weeks ago, I prefer wearing foundation over BB cream as I like a bit more coverage. But as spring is here and the warm weather is upon is I started using this as its less heavy on the face and as its hot, I wanted a lighter coverage so my face could breathe a little.

My first thought when putting it on was, oooooh it is silky isn’t it haha, its a really nice texture, its not thick and gloopy and it goes onto the skin really nicely. I just wanted to say as well, the smell is driving me mad, it smells like something but I just cannot for the life of me figure out what, not a horrible smell or anything but damn thats gonna bug me now lol. It goes on wet, dries matte but when you first put it on it has like a dewy glow to it. Its very light coverage as expected. I was worried about that because my skins not perfect, I have blemishes to cover, but it ended up being fine, I just used my concealer as usual and it didn’t seem to matter 🙂


The picture above is after I’ve put the REN BB Cream on& some concealer, oh and done my eyebrows lol. Now I’ve been using it for 2 weeks so far, not every single day but I’ve used it quite a bit and it does stand the test in time. Of a night time, when it comes to take my makeup off, there will be bits where the makeup has rubbed off or yanno something like that but I can honestly say it wasn’t too bad, so I think its great to use in your normal day routine as its light, but has coverage amd lasts the day. I’ve included a pic (below)  as like the “finished look” with the REN BB Cream after I’ve put the rest of my makeup on 🙂


Even though it dries matte I still put some loose powder over it as I like the effect it gives and it sets the makeup. I did use it a couple of times without that though and it does set into the skin quite good by itself even just testing a bit on my hand now, its all dried in and after rubbing it with my other hand, it doesn’t come off unless I rub it really hard.

Haha thats just made me remember something, when I first started using makeup, I got this liquid foundation that was firstly, way to orangey for my skin tone and secondly just very runny and not good. I didn’t know about powders or brushes and just use to put foundation on and done, that was it for my face, but this particular foundation omg, whenever I would touch my face, unknowingly it would leave a fingerprint so I would be walking around with fingerprints (visible fingerprints) on my face! It wasn’t until someone told me that I even realised, so embarrassing!

So yeah this one was short and sweet, I will be reviewing the rest of the REN products soon so stay tuned, sorry about the lighting in the photo’s btw, I took them when the sun was setting so they get darker as you go along lol, sorry about that. Anyways, thankyou for reading 🙂 see you soon! byeeeee xoxo

Tips On Healthy Eating & Getting Motivated!

Hey guys! So I’ve been healthy eating for 3 months now, I’m still in the middle of my healthy eating but I thought I would share tips and tricks, especially if you want to get healthier and lose weight but you don’t know where to start. Like me, if you’ve been struggling with your weight for a while its easier said than done to start at the gym everyday doing massive workouts and giving your diet a massive overhaul! You have to ease yourself into it and gradually you will become healthier and fitter. I’m no health expert but before starting any healthy eating regime or diet I recommend seeing your gp just to make sure its safe to do what you have planned. I know its incredibly difficult to get the motivation to make these changes but hopefully my tips might help you find it. Its all about being in the right head space to stay focused and once you have that motivation you are sorted! The hardest part is like the first week, once you’ve done that you should find yourself slipping naturally in a healthy routine! So here are my tips:

1. Prepare Your Kitchen For Your Fresh Start

Throw out all the junk food in your cupboards and replace with healthy food. This is to remove any temptation. If like me you can’t do that if you live with other people, you could suggest you could all start eating a little healthier if its your family members, its good to get other people on board then you have each others support and you can help each other stick with it, its great for motivation as well because you can motivate one another to keep going. If you dont want to do that or they dont want to, dont worry, you can do what i did and take one cupboard for your healthy foods, one drawer in the freezer and fridge. That way you don’t have to search everywhere for your stuff and won’t come across any temptation because you only need to go in certain cupboards and drawers and its all your healthy food 🙂


2. Portion Your Vegetables

If you don’t fancy spending loads of time preparing a meal from scratch everyday, you could portion your veg. I get the veg I like from the supermarket, I then spend AGES chopping it all up, I then put a little of each vegetable in a freezer bag so I have 1 portion of mixed vegetables in each bag and put it in my freezer drawer. You could make a weeks worth or 2 weeks worth, if its in the freezer its going to keep it fresh. Alls you have to do then is take a bag out each day, let it defrost and then cook whichever meal you want with the veg. If you wanted you could do different mixes of veg in different bags so you’re not having the same each day. Doing this saves so much time, plus you only have to chop up all your veg every week or even every other week! 🙂


3. Make A Healthy Eating Scrap Book

Pick up a note book you like, some magazines, scissors and glue. In these magazines, there are always health pages with tips on healthy eating, weight loss stories, food swaps, just loads of advice and help. I got all my old mags, went through them and cut out sections I thought were useful and anything healthy eating related.


I then arranged it all in my notebook and glued it down like a scrap book, you can put allsorts in, you could also try and find like motivational words, just anything that you think would keep your motivation up. Now if I want a pick me up, some advice or something motivational to keep me going I have a read through my note book. You can keep adding to it as well as you go along. I found it quite fun to make and it might help you out!


4. Ease Your Way Into Excercise

if you haven’t worked out in a long time, just starting out can be quite intimidating. My tip is to start easy and if you have a dog, take the dog out a few times a week, then make it more often and longer. If you don’t have a dog maybe get your headphones out and go for walks, then increase the amount you walk each time. Walking is a great form of excercise as it gets your heart rate up and its great cardio. When you’ve been doing this for a while, you will notice it becomes easier to go further and that your fitness will be Improving. When you feel ready you could then maybe join a zumba class or aqua aerobics or even start going on bike rides. I find that if you find an excercise you love to do and it doesn’t feel like a chore, then you’re more likely to stick with it.

5. You Can Still Snack, Just Make it Healthy!

When healthy eating, you don’t have to stop snacking altogether. Just make it healthy. Find the fruits that you like and snack on them, I love fresh pineapple and grapes so I tend to go more for them. You could also make smoothies from scratch, I love getting strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and blending them up for a delicious smoothie, its healthier making them yourself. Dried fruits make good snacks as well plus they’re great for your digestive system too. Whilst getting some dried fruits in ASDA the other day I found these things called Nakd, they’re absolutely delicious, omg, I’ve tried the Coconut Bliss, Strawberries and Cream and Fruit Salad. They are great little snack packs if you want something to nibble on and they are just things like cashews, dates, raisins squished together! I would highly recommend trying them, they taste so good you wouldn’t think they were healthy!


6. Get Rid Of Sugary Drinks

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for thinks like Pepsi and just fizzy drinks full of sugar! But they are so bad for you its unreal! So say goodbye to them! Replace it with water and green teas. Water is so boring though isn’t it. What I do is I mainly drink water but every now and then I get a sugar free fizzy drink and have it with my main meal or something. I wouldn’t have them regularly though as most sugar free things contain an ingredient called sorbitol, it can have very nasty side effects if had regularly. Now for green tea. I wanted to start drinking it as its good for you but every green tea I’ve tried, I just can’t stand the taste. I found the Tetleys Green Tea and its fine! It actually tastes like normal tea amd if you’ve never had green tea but wanted to try it I would recommend this, they have a range of flavours, I picked up the pomegranate one to try. I really want to try the Tetleys green tea with honey but I cannot find it anywhere! 😦


7. Portion Control

My final tip is portion control. just a little thing like cutting down the portion sizes of your meals can make a huge difference so don’t go overboard. Even if the meal you’ve cooked is good for you having a massive plate of it is gonna make the calories add up. If you find it hard at the beginning to estimate how much is a good sized portion, say for breakfast maybe get some kitchen scales, see on the box of cereal what the portion size is, on my Sultana Bran box it says its 40g, just measure 40g of the cereal in the scales and you’re good to go :). Another thing that will help is stop eating when your full. It sounds obvious but alot of us will just carry on eating off our plate just because its there so when you feel yourself getting full, stop. Make things that you like as well, if you make boring tasteless food everyday you are going to get sick of it and are more likely to cave in and go back to the foods you used to like. There are loads of recipes on the internet, cook books you can buy so have a look around. You can also find healthy recipes for your favourite foods, its all about experimenting, seeing what you like and what you don’t it can be fun 🙂 my favourite tea is fajitas, omg its so yummy, I use the Old El Paso seasoning, its so good 🙂


So they are my tips, I hope they help! Its difficult to start doing something like this, we tend to fall into habbits so breaking them is difficult but once your going it will become a knew habbit for you and second nature so good luck! If you have started healthy eating, i would love to know how you are getting on! 🙂 See you next time! Justine xoxo

Battle Of The Eyebrow Kits

Hey everyone! So my last post was about eyebrows so I thought I would continue that theme by testing out 2 different eyebrow kits that I got from Superdrug. I got the Beauty UK High Brow kit for £3.99 and the Collection Work The Colour kit, also £3.99. Superdrug have a deal on where you buy 2 of any makeup product instore and you get a 3rd product free which I thought was a great deal so I got these and some Collection Loose Translucent Powder as I’ve only ever used pressed powder so I wanted to try out loose, it was only £2.99 so I thought why not. You get the cheapest of the 3 items for free.


So the first one I tried out was the Collection one (pictured below). You get 3 powders, ones a beige, then there is a darkish brown and a very dark brown. You also get a tube of clear brow mascara and a small double ended brush, one sides an angled brush, the other sides a small flat round brush. There is also a small mirror on the inside of the pallet which is a perfect size if doing your brows on the go. I think its a great little kit for the price. I tried it out by just firstly brushing my eyebrows out with a spoolie brush. I then took the brush on the angled side and used the middle colour, then I just brushed it through. Next I used the brow mascara and brush my brows through again. Lastly I used the other side of the brush and used the darkest colour and brushed that in the centre of my  rows, not too high up or low down. I found out doing that adds dimension to your brows so it was my first time trying that out and I really loved the way it looked, I went over with a little more brow mascara and that was it. I absolutely love this kit, it comes with everything you need and its very compact so you can take it with you on the go if you want to just top up your brows when you’re out. I think they looked alot more natural using this than just the eyebrow pencil and spoolie which is what I’ve been using in the past. I really like it. The only down fall is that I don’t think I’m going to get much use out of the lightest colour. Its too dark to use as a brow bone highlighter but way too light for me, its the colour you’d use for blonde eyebrows. Which i guess is great because atleast the palette is suitable for everyone and if someone wants me to do their makeup or something and they have light hair and eyebrows I’ll have the right colour for their brows!


Now onto the second eyebrow kit, I’m going to say my thoughts on it then compare it to the Collection one.  So the Beauty UK all in one brow kit. Firstly the packaging doesn’t look as good as the Collection one but you know what they say, never judge a book by its cover lol. At first glance, I thought this one had 3 brow powders and a highlighter powder for the brow bone BUT its actually a coloured eyebrow wax! Omg whilst buying it a totally thought it was a highlighter! Anyways, moving on lol so it has 3 powders, tbh they are VERY similar to the Collection shades, theres a beige, dark brown and very dark brown. The lightest shade in the palette, which is the wax is like a creamy consistency. In the kit you also get a small pair of tweezers and a little double ended brush, with an angled brush side and flat round brush side, very similar to the Collection one but a bit smaller. So what I did with this kit was I used the angled side of the brush and used the middle colour to cover my brows, I then dipped it in the wax and used that to shape my brows. I thought this was good as you don’t need a spoolie brush with this as you use the brush and wax to get the shape. I then used the other part of the brush, the flat round part, got a little more powder on my brows to set it. The end result look quite good. I think the tweezers you get with the kit are useless! They are very thick so you can’t get precision and because they’re so small its quite fiddly. I guess they are okay on the go, like say if you were out and about and saw you’d missed a few bits on your eyebrow you can quickly do that but I wouldn’t use these to do my whole eyebrows. Another downside to this one is unlike the Collection one, it doesn’t have a mirror but its not a big deal.


Overall I’ve gotta say I prefer the Collection one to the Beauty UK one. They are VERY similar though. It all depends whether you prefer using wax on your eyebrows or clear gel because thats the only big difference between them! I prefer the Collection one though because the brush is a bit bigger, you don’t get a pair of useless tweezers and you get a mirror, oh and its prettier.. haha. Looking at them side by side, I think you actually get more powder in the Collection one as they look a tiny bit bigger but Im unsure so don’t quote me on it lol. I forgot to mention as well,  on both of them you get mini instructions on the back of them. The Collection one theres 2 steps, it tells you what to do and there are little pics. The Beaty UK one has 3 steps which they have listed, no diagram or anything. Tbh I was a bit confused  as it says shape and define your brows then use the wax, I didn’t know whether to put the powder on first then the wax or the other way around, it was quite unclear so I did what I thought was right. I would include pics but my camera wouldn’t focus so sorry about that!

So yeah that was the battle of the eyebrow kits and the Collection one just about came on top! I would recommend to anyone, if you are using eyebrow pencils, try an eyebrow kit! Its so much better, it really is, I seriously don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner. I hope this was informative and helped you out. My next post will be on tips to help with healthy eating. See you soon! Justine xoxo

How I Do My Eyebrows (Tutorial)

Hey! Now I know there are probably LOADS of eyebrow tutorials out there and loads of different ways and styles to do them. Today I’m doing a quick tutorial type blog just showing how I do mine. Just gonna put in how I pluck them and fill them in. It really depends on how you like them so you can tweak it however way you want but yeah I thought I’d share how I do mine and it might be useful to some of you! 🙂

So firstly, what you will need:

● Sharp Angled Tweezers

● An Eyebrow Pencil (a colour of your choice)

● A Spoolie Brush

● Concealer


Firstly, the best lighting to pluck your eyebrows in is natural light. Another option, one I use alot is I put my mirror under some light so it is fully lit and then pluck that way. I find both ways are fine.  Now if you find plucking painful there are several options. You can use tea tree oil on the area before plucking, or put something ice cold on the area to numb it before plucking. I thought it was painful the first times i did mine but after a while you get used to it and I actually find it quite therapeutic now haha

Other tips for plucking eyebrows is NEVER pluck the top, always pluck under the eyebrow area! The reason being, if you keep the tops the same and don’t touch them, they will stay symmetrically if you start messing round with the top they could become uneven and wonky so yeah, stay underneath! When plucking, always pluck from the way the hair grows, don’t pluck the opposite way.

I had HUGE bushy horrible eyebrows growing up actually got teased for it, I think I started plucking them when I was about 17. I did get a bit pluck happy at the beginning and made them WAAAAY too thin. it was awful, they looked so ridiculous haha, so my advice for you if you are just starting out, don’t go over the top, its better to have not plucked enough than to of done too much because you have to wait for them to grow back and all of that so be careful.

You can get decent tweezers from most places, I think my most recent ones  I got a pack of three for £1 at asda, they are sharp enough and not flimsy so they do the job, you can get them from boots, superdrug, chemists, online. You can get all different types as well, angled (they are the ones I prefer) straight ones, pointed ones for more precision. Its just a case of trial and error to see which ones you find work better for yoh and which style you prefer.

Firstly because I have been doing mine for years they are in the shape I want and I pluck my brows about once or twice a week. Just when I can feel some of the hairs growing back underneath. To get the shape you prefer and the thickness you can buy stencils which you put over, trace the shape then pluck all the hairs on the outside of the stencil, you could go for it and draw the shape you want with an eyebrow pencil then do the same as the stencil method, ORR you can do what I did and just throw caution to the wind and just go for it! I think if you use all the tips I’ve put above you would be fine doing that, just please learn from my mistakes! Lol.


Now after you have plucked your brows, and they are hopefully lookin’ fab, its time to fill them in. First get your spoolie brush, any eyebrow brush is fine, then just brush them through. Now get your brow pencil. Mine is just a generic dark brown one off for a few quid. Now if you’re going for the natural look, you don’t want to over draw them at all, I just pencil on where the hairs are, if your brow is a little short use the pencil to extend it slightly. Make sure you have filled everywhere and there are no gaps.


Now they are filled in, brush the spoolie brush through them again to even it all out, doing this makes them more natural looking. Because you are putting the product on the spoolie brush, a little tip that I do is use one of my face wipes and wipe the brush on it to get all the products off it. Obviously wash it with the rest of your brushes but doing this inbetween eyebrows helps to avoid getting the eyebrow pencil outside of your eyebrows and from smudging. Another thing that I do is if I accidentally over draw, I just go over it with concealer,  sorted!


To finish off, use some highlighter or if you don’t have any some shimmery white eye shadow is fine, pop some just under your eyebrow to highlight your brow bone for the finished look. If you want, you can also put some on the inner corners of your eyes as well. Heres what my finished brows look like:


So yeah, thats how I do my brows, tutorial kinda thing, hope you enjoyed and found it helpful! Thanks for reading I hope you all have a great easter weekend!  See you soon, Justine xoxo

Liebster Award! :)

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a fab day, lazy Sunday amiright ladies? So I was nominated for the Liebster Award by which I was super excited about! Thankyou Stephanie! :). The Liebster Award is a way to discover new bloggers and to help support them and it works in the following way:

  • Mention the person who nominated you on your blog and link them.
  • Answer 11 questions by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 5-11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and link them below.
  • Create your own 11 questions for them to answer and let the nominees know that they’ve been nominated.

Here are the questions that Stephanie asked! 🙂

What is your least favourite makeup brand?

Hmm.. I wouldn’t say there is a particular brand I don’t like, just depends on the products really, say for example, I LOVE the rimmell translucent powder but really dislike their match perfection concealer. With any makeup brand, some of their products I hate and just don’t work for my skin tone or I don’t like the texture of the product or even the product just doesn’t agree with my skin as I have quite sensitive skin. So yeah I don’t dislike any particular brand.

What is your time of day?

im a night person, me and mornings just do not mix. Some days when I have to get up super super early its like it physically pains me to get up haha, especially in the winter, trying to get out of your nice, warm, cosy bed and into the shower is a real struggle 😛

How long does it take you to get in the morning?

Actually not that long, for an average day anyways. I would say if I was rushing because I didn’t hear my alarm (almost every day) about 30 minutes. I prefer to get ready slowly though and go at my own pace, get breakfast, chill, watch programmes or youtube, have a shower, chill watch more youtube, do my makeup and hair, then chill.. yeah you get the idea 😛

Whats your favourite city you have travelled to?

In the UK probably London. I’ve only been once when I was younger with my mum and brother. We were there because my big bro was being nominated for a child of acheivment aware because of his autism. The trip was awesome we went round, saw all the iconic sights, I just thought it was awesome (we couldn’t find Big Ben though how embarrassing haha) then at the award ceremony itself we got to meet JK Rowling which was amazing, the hotel was beautiful as well, I think it was called the tower thistle or something. I live up north in Cheshire so its more countryside and what not, it was just very different from what I’m used to so I loved it and I would love to got back at some point!

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

Cadburys Wisper they’re just so good. My ultimate favourite chocolaty thing though is you know those Guylian shell chocolates you can get with the praline centre, OMG they or SOOO good! I’m on a healthy eating thing at the minute and I can’t stop thinking about chocolate now 😦

Do you prefer candles or incense?

Candles all the way! Absolutely love’em. incense on the other hand.. I just don’t get them, they make the room smell all burny lol whereas candles make the room smell lovely!

What is your favourite film?

it changes all the time! Let me see, I love Gone Girl, Shawshank Redemption, The Wolf Of Wall Street. I love indie films, ones with dark humour and psychological thrillers. Or films with a big twist in them at the end. if you have any suggestions please let me know! I watch films all the time and I’m open to suggestions 😀

What was your Myspace profile music?

Probably something like Panic! At The Disco, Simple Plan or something like that, I used to love that type of music when I was younger. I don’t really listen to music much anymore.

Do you prefer flats or heels?

Flats, I wish I did wear heels more often but I don’t for 2 reasons. Firstly I’m quite tall as it is I’m 5ft 9 so with heels I’d be well over 6 foot and I dunno, it makes me feel a bit self conscious.  Secondly I’m just not graceful whilst wearing them haha I just cannot walk in them. Oh and in the past when I’ve worn heels on nights out I’d last a few hours at most before they came off.

What is the one makeup product you couldn’t live without?

Oooh thats a tough one! Probably mascara. It just wakes you up and opens your eyes up. Also it makes it look like you’ve put at least some effort into your look lol.

Do you prefer a professional manicure or a DIY one?

I’ve never actually had a professional manicure before! I think I’ve mentioned in another post that I’m just not big on doing my nails. I do do them myself every now and then if I’m in the mood though so yeah DIY for me! 🙂

So there you go! Theres my answers 🙂 Here is a list of bloggers I have nominated below! Have fun 🙂

My questions to you are…

What made you want to start blogging?

Who is the most important person in your life?

If you had to live on an island for the rest of your life what are 3 things you would take?

If you had one wish what would it be and why?

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Whats your favourite childhood memory?

Whats your favourite beauty item?

What is your favourite brand for skin care products?

Which YouTuber would you love to collab with?

Whats your favourite shop and favorite place to shop online?

If you could only have 1 hairstyle for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hope you enjoy answering these questions and have as much fun as I did 🙂

Thanks for reading guys! See you next time, Justine xoxo